a pal of mine noticed my Bette & Shrimp tank and instructed me I’ve technique to many faux crops in there for my Betta,…

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  1. Bettas love lots of decorations to play around and hide in, but it shouldn’t really be wall to wall – there should be some open space as well. My only real concern would be the sharp edges of plastic plants cutting the betta or his fins – plastic is fine when keeping fish that just use it for atmosphere, but with fish that dwell amongst the plants, silk is much better option, if you really don’t want to try some of the simple real ones.

  2. I was just gonna say how lush your growth is but then I saw the title… personally i’m not a fan of fake plants at all and I think some of the hard plastic ones could potentially hurt the fish when he hides in the leaves. Overall it’s your tank at the end of the day and you can decide what to do with it but personally I would ditch the fake plants entirely and get easy growing plants for your setup that grow fine without co2. I’ve made good experiences with Myriophyllum Guyana, Ludwigia Super Mini Red, Java ferns, Staurogyne Repens, Vallisneria of any type, floating plants, a lot of mosses also tend to grow just fine without co2. You have alot of options. But that’s just my two cents. In my personal opinion any aquarium and any of its inhabitants greatly benefit from real plants as they have a very positive impact on the biological balance and I feel as though the more natural of an environment you can give the fish, the happier it will be. But yeah i think your tank already looks cool, just would look even more cool if the plants weren’t plastic😊

  3. Why does no one fill their tanks up anymore?

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