Whats up! I needed to share my 20 gallon low tech tank with medaka, blue jelly shrimp, and ramshorns. It makes me completely satisfied…

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  1. The perspective makes it look way bigger than 20 gallons. Beautiful tank!!

  2. Low tech with hairgrass carpet. Must have taken forever to grow that out! What substrate and lights are you using?

  3. i like these tanks with not many species looks nice

  4. What kind of moss is on the wood?

  5. I think this is the best carpeting I’ve seen on a low tech tank, if you don’t mind me asking what nutrients do you use?

  6. This looks amazing

  7. Do the rice fish fry survive?

  8. That looked like a 60 at first! Well done!

  9. amazing tank. legit making me want to get a 20 g to do a carpet like this.

  10. After years of owning a reed aquarium. I am looking to get back into another fresh water set up like this. You have done a fantastic job! It’s beautiful!

  11. This looks amazing!

  12. That hair grass looks incredible! I have a similarly low tech bowl which I’ve literally forgotten about. I just recently noticed how well the plants are doing after not having received any attention for months.

  13. Out of curiosity, what light are you using?

  14. love this holy christ

  15. this is seriously so good!!

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