what am i able to add to this 4.5 tank aside from shrimp?

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  1. Start with plants

  2. Live plants?

  3. Plants and snails.

  4. Pretty much all fish are out of question. Tank size and more so shape is the issue.

    You can do snails, but if you really want fish if suggest a larger and more rectangular shaped tank.

  5. snails? lmao not much goes well in tall tanks

  6. Cocktail sauce 🤷

  7. Unfortunately the answer is snails and shrimp. The shape is very odd and most fish need 10-20 gallons at the minimum. There are a few that can handle 5 gallons but only if it is a wide 5 gallons, not tall like that. It would make a divine shrimp tank though. I would love to own it for keeping shrimp at my house.

  8. No fish! You’ll just end up feeling sad for them.

  9. Nothing other than shrimp and snails will thrive.

  10. Im restarting this tank and was wondering what I could add to it, I really don’t feel comfortable adding shrimp or aquatic frogs to a tank due to lack of confidence. and I don’t think I’d like a betta fish either, id feel kinda sad for it. also I know the water is low I’m adding more dw 🙂

    I really really don’t want to push the limits of any fish so please only recommend ones that will actually enjoy and thrive in a small tank.

  11. Mystery snails need 2 gallons per snail. They also need space to go to the surface and breathe through their siphons periodically and to lay egg clutches.

  12. Endlers, sorta a cousin to guppies but smaller. Super hardy and can thrive in even wider parameters than guppies. Males are tiny, around an inch full grown and all male endlers in a tank is not a problem.

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