[Top 3] Freshwater Aquarium Shrimp in 2022

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The highest 3 freshwater shrimp to your aquarium? Let’s take a detailed take a look at these 3 shrimp and what they’re in at this time’s video!

🥇 Amano Shrimp – https://flipaquatics.com/merchandise/5-amano-shrimp?variant=44391153156
🥈 Cherry Shrimp – https://flipaquatics.com/merchandise/red-cherry-shrimp?variant=41831905860
🥉 Crystal Crimson Shrimp – https://flipaquatics.com/merchandise/crystal-red-shrimp?variant=32268432015462
🏆 Blue Velvet Shrimp – https://flipaquatics.com/merchandise/blue-velvet-1?variant=32319237587046

💦 Drip Acclimation Equipment – https://flipaquatics.com/merchandise/drip-acclimation-kits?variant=44108598148

📺 Acclimation Video: https://youtu.be/Rt1_3oXjt1w
📺 10 Causes Why Shrimp Die: https://youtu.be/YE78lY0MlYQ
📺 All Newbie Shrimp Protecting Movies: https://youtube.com/playlist?checklist=PLkj2jEAp8whm7j0-vd13y1iv2SrE-Z8zI

🦐 Store all of our Dwarf Shrimp: https://flipaquatics.com/collections/all-shrimp
🏆 Our 30 Day Quarantine: https://flipaquatics.com/pages/30-day-quarantine
🐡 The Greatest Fish – Pea Puffers: https://flipaquatics.com/merchandise/freshwater-pea-puffers
👨‍🔬 Tissue Tradition Vegetation: https://flipaquatics.com/collections/tissue-culture-plants
☘ Aquarium Vegetation for Nano Fish: https://flipaquatics.com/collections/live-plants
🐌 All Snails for Freshwater Aquariums: https://flipaquatics.com/collections/all-snails

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00:00 – Introduction
00:29 – 1st In style Shrimp
03:04 – Acclimation Equipment
03:51 – 2nd In style Shrimp
05:35 – Eye Catching Award Shrimp
06:28 – third In style Shrimp
07:49 – Crystal Crimson Tanks
09:49 – Pond Room Tour
11:42 – Daphnia Breeding
12:44 – Outro

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