simply received executed scaping this 6 gallon, planning on a shrimp tank, what vegetation do y’all suppose I ought to go for, i need…

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  1. Hopefully someone with more knowledge comments, but I’m pretty sure you’d be better off with a substrate meant for plants. Sand isn’t awful, but there’s stuff that roots can hold better, stuff (clay?) that binds nutrients for the plants, and stuff with nutrients in it. Given you want it heavily planted, I suspect you’ll want a better substrate.

    I also know there’s plants that are great for a low tech tank and those that need added CO2, high light, and other such complications. You may also need to dose fertilizer in a shrimp tank, since they don’t have much waste. Some do better with various water parameters, although they tend to be less picky than fauna.

    Things to think about/explore until someone with more knowledge comments.

  2. If you want bushy and easy, then hornwort is your friend

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