Replace on child shrimp eggs from lifeless berried mama.

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  1. Great job!!

  2. Thanks for support everyone, I’ve learned so much from all of you and I glad I was able to apply what I learned to give these guys a fighting chance

  3. Congrats! Every life saved is better than nothing. Way to be a good shrimp dad!

  4. YAY, Semi-happy ending!

  5. It’s awesome that you were able to save any, congrats and great job!

  6. I am so happy for you and thank you for posting this update!

  7. Congrats! Best of luck!

  8. Much pleased

  9. Congratulations! I’m impressed

  10. awesome! glad it worked out for you this well

  11. You crazy son of a bitch you did it!

  12. WOOO! Babies have a great caretaker

  13. Nice job dude

  14. That’s so cool! How did you make the tumbler?

  15. So happy to see this! 😍 Congratulations on becoming an adoptive parent! 🥰

  16. Glad to hear! You did well, shrimp daddy.

  17. Wow, that’s exciting! Way to go!

  18. You probably already know this but I learned the hard way. Get them to a rich biofilm source ASAP. I lost a whole clutch in a brooder net a few years ago, thinking a little Java moss and some catappa leaves would be enough.

  19. I was worried. Thanks for saving them. Sorry about mom.

  20. AMAZING! Congratulations, I’m sure she would be so proud of you

  21. 🥹 Aww you’re the best! Keep the updates coming.

  22. Yay congratulations!

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