One among my most up-to-date tanks primarily a shrimp tank and shrimplets are showing each day.

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Deal Score0

  1. Lots of textures and layers. I really like it. What are the plants?

  2. Cant wait till i set up my 9g and start my colony! I set up a 3g but its not doing it for me i want something bigger. I already see babies but honestly just want a bigger tank lol

  3. i wish my pearlweed grew this well😢

  4. Do you use any co2 injections?

  5. This is truly lovely. I love the scape design, and the plant choices. I feel calmer looking at it. One small peice of advice I could give ya is for trimming and replanting them rotalas. If you do it consistently and are careful about replanting, you can make lovely bushes of it with high light. I recommend it, it’s super fun. (Alotta work too)

  6. Shrimp Army tanks are some of my favorites. Beautiful tank!

  7. is this setup beginner friendly in a 29 gallon tank? Could you add small fish?

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