noticed this on walmart for $44, is it value it? (need a small tank for shrimp or crops, zero fish)

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  1. Honestly not a good deal, you can get the same size tank but rimless, full glass, etc for 10 more dollars at any Petco

    Acrylic tanks scratch easily and I don’t recommend for freshwater because glass just is more suitable

  2. No. This is a terrible deal for the size when you consider that most of the parts are garbage including the filter and lights and how cheap regular aquariums are at Petco/Petsmart.

  3. nah dont get a round one really distorts your veiwing

  4. Nope. You can get a rimless for about thr same made of glass

  5. yeah no fish as long as that dont leak and do lil water changes thats a solid deal.

  6. Take a look at PetSmart for the new 3 gallon Oasis tank. Much nicer, perfect for shrimp.

  7. Not worth it, ik Petco sells 10 gallon tanks for super cheap, and they have their dollar per gallon sale so a 10 is like 10 bucks.

  8. If you’re paying more than 5 bucks a gallon, never.

  9. I’ve had this. It’s horrible

  10. If you’re willing to spend 50… spend 90 when petsmart has the 9g fluval flex on sale. Easily the best setup for under $100 anywhere. Then you can do plants, shrimp, snails, and a few fish.

  11. I think you’ll want more space. I have my shrimp in a 10 and I’m debating going to a 20.

  12. No, just no.

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