nicely that is the day I say goodbye to the pastime. 3/4 of my colony is gone relaxation are dying. round 250 shrimp useless. it’s…

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  1. How did you let your colony die?

  2. Are you running co2? Ph shifts will kill shrimp before fish. Do you have planaria? Waterchanges, are you treating the water before it goes in the tank? I’ve lost colonies too, but no need to give it up. Get some cheap cherries off kijij or something.

  3. What about your water supply? Perhaps there is a contaminant coming in from your tap water. Copper or something?

  4. All parameters are good. All other fish and plants (including fry) are fine. This hobby has cost too much in buying new shrimp, the food, the effort, everything. and as much as I love it I have to let it go and let my colony die. I am moving to white cloud Mountain minnow breeding now. I really appreciate all this part of the hobby has given me. I will be sad to leave. Thank you all, this subreddit has been here to see me buy my first shrimp and now for my last shrimp to die.

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