1. Separate the frog from the shrimp.

  2. Maybe do some research… That would help

  3. Not a good match unless you only keep larger adult shrimp with them

  4. Egg wash and bread crumbs. Jk.

  5. african dwarf frogs should be kept in a species-only tank to avoid stuff like this. no matter what pet and fish stores say, they should really be kept in a group, separated from other livestock.

  6. Predators eating prey. You’ll never stop the behavior, separate or buy the frogs ghost shrimp feeders.

  7. What
    Did you
    Man lmao

  8. that frog gotta go straight back to where it came from

  9. So, I now see my text did not accompany the video. I am not a beginner. I have dwarf frogs in my community tank already who have not ever bothered their tank mates. My shrimp even sit on top of them & “groom” them. I’m aware of their reputation, and the LFS I got them from said they were bred and brought up in community tanks from a local breeder and were “very safe” but they could not, of course, guarantee that and I do know the risks.

    I’ve just been caught off guard as this is the first time I’ve ever had any of my aquatic friends fight or attack one another aside from mild annoyance over territory.

    I only wanted to ask what to do in the meantime- I don’t have another tank and cannot get to this store easily to bring them back (it’s 75 miles away and I made a special trip).

    Update, I’ve managed to calm myself down slightly and I’ve pulled out a 2G temporary plastic tank I bought if I ever decided to breed. I also have a dusty old betta heater and usb air stone. That will be their home starting in the morning. M’f’ers are lucky I’m doing a quick cycle for their comfort and survival and bc I’m not a monster. 😡

  10. Bruh this is your fault frogs eat shrimp. You can’t cram everything into one tank you have to do research before you go risking animals lives

  11. Guys! I put coyotes in with my chickens and the coyotes are eating my chickens HELP!

    In all seriousness… come on man, the first google search shows this, you dont even need to click a link, its googles answer to to the question “do frogs eat shrimp”

  12. Can’t keep them together. Peace was never an option.

  13. sends arms and ammunition to the shrimp clan.

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