1. That aquarium is so long… Nice

  2. Hey guys! This is a 24 in by 48 in by 8 in lowboy designed for frags but I use it for my shrimps. I like the idea of a large surface area for them to swim around. Thank you for taking your interest ❤️

  3. Very interesting shape, what are the dimensions?

    I’ve always wanted to do a long tank like this, did you buy it or make the tank?

  4. What’s that separate little area on the left side?

  5. I bet your weekly evaporation on that bad boy is a lot. Looks great tho!

  6. Love this, also curious what the dimensions are!

  7. This is cool I zoomed in and scrolled

  8. Long tank is long.

  9. Is that a breeder box in the back left?

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