My little planted shrimp rack venture. 16 x 10 gallon aquariums. 12 are for caridina shrimp the opposite 4 are for…

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  1. Name of the rack please?

  2. How do you water change? And how long does it take for you to do all tanks?

  3. Impressive…how do you maintain something like this? I have trouble with my one shrimp tank let alone 16!

  4. So cool. More pics please!

  5. I absolutely need this stand. Link please?!

  6. What are the plants growing out of the tank?

  7. Do you have HOB and sponge filters in each tank?

  8. Are you keeping Sulawesi in the same tank as neos?

  9. I think it’s time to start questioning the racks integrity


  10. On the left is that your furnace? Or a RO filtration system (Sorry for the dumb question)

  11. I dont even wanna know how much this setup cost. But seriously, give me a ballpark.

    Are you breeding/selling them then? What’s the endgame here?

  12. That’s incredible. Seriously impressive set up

  13. How did you attach the lights ?

  14. This is what I’m trying to achieve right now. Great job man! From a price point of view, how much was everything involved altogether?

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