Might shrimp cohabitate in right here with my small goldfish? (I created the fish bowl setup to guard my goldie from the…

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  1. Get some subwassertang and then introduce shrimp they will more than cohabitate

  2. By small I meant young. I know this goldfish is going to get huge. Ph is 7.5 last I checked and temp is around 72. Tank is an odd size and is ~35 Gallons. Running a mature fluval 306 canister filter

  3. Yup, to echo what u/Gimme_3070 said, get a good chunk of moss. The Goldie may eat it, but if you get something fast growing (subwassertang, Java moss, mini pelia, riccia) it should be able to keep up with the fish. Some shrimp will inevitably get eaten, but that’s the circle of life, and any tank that is not a shrimp-only setup will inevitably suffer losses from the occasional opportunistic snacking.

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