1. That’s how I run most of my tanks and depending on the fish it’ll be fine.

  2. It depends on how you do water changes. As long as you are able to match the temperature and parameters of the tank (Ph, Gh and Kh) you can honestly do as large of a water change as you want. This is where things get tricky if using tap water that isn’t tested prior to adding.

    I tend to leave a couple gallons of water near my tank to match ambiant temperature for this reason. Its remineralized with salty shrimp to align to the tank’s parameters. I’ve done as much as an 90% water change with zero issues this way when moving tanks, etc.

    Additionally when doing top offs, the same applies for using distilled or R/O water. If you have waited too long to do a top off and significant evaporation has occured, better to do a normal water change, then to pour a large ammount of R/O or distilled water all at once and rapidly change the tank’s parameters.

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