1. Me when I grab one pool noodle and it isn’t enough 😂

  2. Lol I love amanos, they’re so spunky compared to my crystals and cherries.

  3. mine do that pull all the floaters down

  4. lol I giggled so hard!

  5. I can’t help but notice your floaters are doing really well, what are they?

    They handle being submerged, having not so calm waters well? I see the filter in the back kicks things up a bit. It’s similar to my tank and I’m looking for a replacement for my drawf water lettuce.

  6. Well look like I’ll be getting some shrimp for our future tank!

  7. Ok I’m sorry this is just hilarious

  8. He looks he be having a good time. Man, shrimps are my dream pets. I hope I could own some someday along with crayfish.

  9. Omg my shrimp is also sooo chonk. When she’s berried it almost looks like she’s too chonk to swim. Mostly climbs around everywhere. Amanos are the best. Maybe less clever than I sometimes hope.. I tried to hand feed her once but she couldn’t hold on and lost the wafer. Too dumb to swim an inch down and grab it off the rocks. I love her lmao

  10. Finally I’m at the top!


  11. your lighting compliments the neon’s colours

  12. 😆😆😆😆

  13. Haha this post is perfect because the next post in my feed… is a guy rolling up his slice of pizza as a life pro tip to make it more mobile 🤣🤣

  14. Hahaha

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