I’m seeking to inventory my 5 gallon aquascaped tank I wish to put 5 chili rasboras and 5 cherry shrimp would it not have the ability to…

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  1. Not for Chilis or other Rasborins. Chilis should be kept in minimum 10G in a rather densely planted, tank with diffused lighting. They’re a blackwater species (SE Asia, Borneo) and very active shoalers (get 10+), in need for horizontal swimming space.

    Have a look at the Sidebar or About page of r/Boraras for more info about Chilis (Boraras brigittae) and their sister species. But as I said, that really would not be a good idea.

  2. Not sure abt the fish, but the shrimp are a good fit

  3. The shrimp would fit great

  4. i have a 6 gallon with 5 white clouds and amano shrimp ,its a really stable tank and does not look over stocked . you will find know one will agree on stocking anyway. my tank is very well planted though

  5. They would do better in a 10 but they’re tiny AF, just add more plants or something maybe some floaters like giant duckweed. The shrimp are ok too but might overcrowd the chili’s if they start reproducing a lot which they probably will.

  6. I think you would be just fine with 5 cherries and 5 chilis. I have more then that in my 5 gallon, I did extensive research before setting up this tank and many websites and people on the internet and on fish groups, said it was perfectly fine for chili to be in 5 gallon.

    EDIT: Sorry I’m wrong they need to be in a larger tank.

  7. Ill get some hate for this but you could get a nice colony of shrimp going in there, start with like 10 and when they are going good, like multiple rounds of babies, to where you see dozens of adults and lose count, introduce 1 pea puffer juvie and let that grow up with the shrimp. I have a couple in a “cull” tank and 1 in a community. They leave the shrimp alone for the most part, probably get a few fry… In my experience lol

  8. Yes. I’ve kept both in a 5. My oldest shrimp were often bigger than my chilis. And the chilis we’re fun to watch, especially the males sparring with each other and displaying for females.

    Just plant the shit out of it. And watch the grate where the water is sucked in, the shrimp may get pulled in. Would be good to put some mesh over it.

  9. Should be fine

  10. Instead of chilli rasboras, I would personally suggest sparkling or licorice gouramis in a group of 3 with cherry shrimp (the cherry shrimp might get picked at but they’ll hide

  11. Aquarium coop has a video on this


  12. I would go with 6 rasboras as they like being in a group. It should be fine in a 5 gal tank but it is the minimum size for rasboras.

    I would honestly suggest that you go with a betta and some shrimp. The colors will look amazing in your tank and the betta will have a perfect home 😊

  13. i think you should be fine, do some more research tho. i have my chili ras tank it’s a 15 gal with 12 of them

  14. I love this tank. Any details on what you did? I’ve always had clumsy fish with simple tanks, and I’m looking to get a 5-10g to aquascape for a betta. I like the way this tank/lamp/plants look.

  15. I agree with everyone else that the tank is a bit too bright/small for rasboras. If you want a fish, you can do [ricefish](https://www.seriouslyfish.com/species/oryzias-woworae/), [least killifish](https://www.seriouslyfish.com/species/heterandria-formosa/), or [scarlet badis](https://www.seriouslyfish.com/species/dario-dario/), if you still want that pop of red. You can also fit way more shrimp in there. I’d start with 8-10, and after a month or two, the shrimp will have grown the colony to the max size the tank can support.

    Even without the rasboras, I still recommend adding more clutter, as it will make the tank seem larger to the fish. Higher flow can also help, but don’t overdo it, especially with smaller fish like the ones recommended above.

    An easy way to add more clutter is adding more plants. A nice Amazon sword in that back left corner would really make the tank pop, and would grow tall enough to cover some of the waters surface, providing more cover for the fish. Botanicals can also work nicely, and add tannins. Look for betta leaves (sometimes just called Indian almond leaves) online, they can really spice up a tank, and your shrimp will love them just as much (if not more) than the fish!

    Good luck, nano tanks are always fun!

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