1. Cool setup just do some research seems like you have a little more experience then most with aquariums and such

  2. Depends how much effort you want to go to. Ideally you pick the best shrimp for your water parameters so you have less work making the right water for them.
    I would recommend you test your water first and then decide based on that.

  3. That’s neat! Cherry shrimp (neocaridina) are more the beginner ones, crystal reds (caridina) and Sulawesi are more advanced.

  4. If you want to keep anything other than neocaridina I would highly recommend an RODI system to remineralize.

  5. If this is a aquaponics set up , the plants get fert by the fish waste. I don’t think shrimp have a big enough bioload. But then again I don’t know what I’m talking about.

  6. that is a fascinating setup you have there

  7. Where did you get your lights?

  8. Dude how’d you put this setup together?

  9. Shrimp and Betta is a big NO. You have to choose only one or another. Otherwise, your shrimp will be all gone within a week.

    Also, as the advice for beginners, I think cherry shrimp (neocadina) is the best option. Easy to care.

    crystal red / surawesri required the specific parameters.
    As crystal need cold water between 22-24 Celsius and slightly acidic pH (below 7.0)
    While surawesri prefer warmer between 25-27 Celsius and moderately ankaline pH (above 8.0)

  10. Only add a Betta (or almost any fish really) if you’re OK with your shrimp babies being eaten. It’s not *guaranteed* that they’ll be eaten as it depends on the individual fish, but generally speaking, if it fits in a fish’s mouth, it’s fish food.

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