Cherry Shrimp berried & saddled ?

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  1. Hello – please help & thank you so much in advance – I’ve had these cherry shrimp a couple of months – it’s hard for me to tell especially with the darker ones which ones are berried or is that the body shape. The pictures are labeled : Shrimps G & H are the only ones I’m sure are not berried. So here are my 4 questions:

    1) is it normal for cherry shrimp to be both
    2) non of my shrimp berries ever look yellow through the skin – is that still a healthy pregnancy
    3) can the rounded under belly just be the shape of the body
    4) in the pictures which shrimp are Berried :
    B, C, D, E , F

  2. Thank you I understand now that what I thought was berries was just the skirts 😄

  3. E is the only one I’m not sure about but all of the others I’d say are not berried. I don’t think that they can be both and females just tend to be rounder in my limited experience. But I’m still relatively new to shrimp keeping as well. Try asking over in r/shrimptank they’re all super helpful!

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