1. Probably want to do some gravel vacs and reduce the amount of food you put in the tank And also these are detritus worms they’re not harmful to shrimp or snails

  2. Detritus worms are not harmful to shrimp and can be beneficial for controlling ammonia especially in a tank with little plants. If you find they are coming out of your substrate and even climbing higher up in your water column it’s is likely due to your tank having low DO.

  3. Woke up to see hundreds of these tiny little worms all over my 1.5 gallon shrimp tank. The only things in the tank are 6 neo shrimp and one nerite snail. No recent additions of plants or animals to the tank at all.

  4. Starved my tank for week and a half and a Gravel vac fixed my worm issue

  5. Maybe a few fish would just eat em?

  6. Can always get a couple small fish that eat them too

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