1. Don’t be surprised if the puffer eventually kills the ghost shrimp.

  2. Ghost shrimp can’t hard the puffer. But the puffer can kill the shrimp. I’ve got 3 ghost shrimp in my puffer tank that has 7 puffers. Initially the puffers did attempt to attack the shrimp but after a few days gave up because the shrimp are too fast and now they’ve grown to become about 3x bigger than the puffer fish themselves. Now they just ignore one another. The ghost shrimp clean the algae and clean up whatever mess the puffers leave behind.

  3. They just are showing “hey don’t mess with me I’m not food” doubt they will cause any harm to the puffer. Eventually they won’t bother each other

  4. Hey guys just got these ghost shrimp to help clear up dead bloodworms and snails. This one seems really aggressive to my pea puffer. I’ve pulled out the bigger one that was aggressive and put it in my snail tank for now. Any thoughts?

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