Freshwater shrimp (Palaemon paucidens C sort) スジエビ

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This video exhibits Kagoshima prefecture officers arguing with and harassing the folks making an attempt to forestall the destruction of a wealthy habitat for critically endangered species of shrimp believed to have gone extinct besides within the estuary of Katoku.

The official doing a lot of the speak, denies that the invention of a shrimp that has developed in isolation for 3.5M years, and which has gone extinct besides within the Katoku river estuary, has any worth of any kind.

The decrease Katoku river and its river-mouth have been inscribed within the bufer zone of the UNESCO world pure heritage. The river should be shielded from supply to the ocean. But prefecture officers try to put 29 sandbags and 8m lengthy field culverts on the junction of Katoku river and one in all its tributary, the Kaneku river, the place life types abound.

Certainly 14 freshwater shrimps, Palaemon paucidens C sort, have been caught and recognized. (8 have been females carrying eggs).

Abstrat from a latest analysis paper:

The freshwater shrimp Palaemon paucidens C sort is more likely to be endemic to Amami-Oshima Island. We investigated the distribution of the shrimp in 34 rivers on Amami-Oshima and Kakeroma Islands, and applied DNA evaluation and rearing experiment for the seawater requirement of the larvae. This kind was discovered solely in Katoku River within the southeastern a part of Amami-Oshima Island. Mitochondrial (16S rDNA) and nuclear (18S rDNA) DNA analyses revealed substantial sequence variations between the C sort and different two sorts (A and B) collected from the Japanese Archipelago. This end result strongly signifies that the C sort is a novel group that’s geographically remoted and has diverged genetically from the 2 sorts within the Japanese Archipelago. The zoeal larvae of C sort confirmed greater survival charge in 30 % and 70 % seawater than 0 % or 100 %, suggesting that this kind has amphidromous life historical past because the B sort. Contemplating the restricted distribution and low genetic variety of the C sort, the danger of extinction might be excessive. For the viability of this kind, conservation of the panorama of Katoku River, together with its estuary, is required.

Key phrases: Palaemon paucidens; Amami-Oshima Island; Kakeroma Island; Endemic inhabitants; DNA analyses; Katoku River

スジエビ Palaemon paucidens

Hyperlink to analysis paper

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