Feeling slightly upset. My new purple rili shrimp aren’t so purple :/

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  1. stress from transit can cause shrimp like fish too lose colour , give them time

  2. Where did you get them from, so we can avoid? Sorry man.

  3. Yup those are all culls.

  4. Seems like you got ripped off, sorry. Maybe you should contact the website, did they promise a higher grade?

  5. u could say…theyre not rili red…

  6. Name and shame please so we know to avoid!

  7. Kisses once a day in front of the others and for sure they will blush red

  8. Feed them some red bell pepper while in quarantine and see if they get some color, sometimes they get pale when stressed

  9. They might be just stressed from the transport. Keep them in a nice tank for a while and maybe they will color up 🙂

  10. I bought grade A Cherries from Aquahuna and Id say only about 3 of the 10 are truly high grade. The rest are clear in a lot of places with some pretty cool patterns but arent solid red. One of them recently gave birth and the babies are pure white, hoping their color will develop soon though

    When they arrived all 10 looked low grade but their color came back the following week when they were in the new tank

  11. My first shrimp were culls that looked like this, I loved them as I could tell them apart. But yes they were advertised as such and cost £1.50 each! Damn.

  12. Give them 2 weeks

  13. That’s not very nice of them. How much did you have to pay for their culls? Per shrimp and with shipping?

  14. I fortunately have the opposite issue my colony is thriving and I have new baby shrimp always coming out. I had only 1 pregnant shrimp and she died but they babies kept my colony going and now I have 2 10 gallon tanks full

  15. Get a refund

  16. Stress from shipping can cause colours to fade for a short period

  17. Don’t worry they are still as cute

  18. It took my bloody mary shrimps almost a month to color back up after shipping. It just takes a while sometimes.

  19. Look cute to me!

  20. I see 5 DOA rilis

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