Deceased shrimp theories? Assist please.

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  1. Guppies dunnit I reckon

  2. Honestly, it’s possible that it died of natural causes and got pecked at by other tank mates after death. I’ve seen fish nibble on old molts in my tank.

    If no other fauna are dead/distressed and your parameters look normal, it’s probably not indicative of a deeper issue

  3. It’s head has been separated from this body. That will kill a lot of organisms

  4. Car crash. Probably drunk. Hard to watch.

  5. I’ve been struggling to keep shrimp thriving since I got them over 6 months ago. The things that seem to contribute the most are 1. Gh – if it’s too hard they can’t molt and if it’s too soft they can’t molt and either way they die and 2. I believe genetics from inbreeding plays a part

  6. The front fell off. Probably got hit by a wave.

  7. Jokes aside, I think I know what happened here. This looks like a molting fatality that can be inevitable for shrimp & lobsters, especially the older and larger they become.

    Molting shrimp will split their shell where the head meets the tail & wiggle out, but sometimes they just can’t due to various reasons. The white “ring of death” around the area where your shrimp split in half can often be seen as evidence of a bad molt in progress. A good diet can help prevent this.

    Improper molting isn’t always a death sentence, but it is a common cause of death in crustaceans. When they die their tankmates will eat them, so that’s why he appears a bit chewed on.

  8. My tank is heavily planted. Tank mate’s are shrimp, guppies and chilli rasboras.

    I did locate and remove a damselfly nymph about a week ago. Does this mean there are more? Would they kill a shrimp the same size as it?

  9. Chupacabra

  10. There appears to have been a struggle.

  11. Look around for a tiny guillotine. It probably committed a crime

  12. This was a particularly bad case of somebody being cut in half.

  13. I’ve heard from shop owners that if you feed the fish with shrimp waffers, they may develop an appetite to it and kill actual live shrimps

  14. Suicide. I blame the parents.

  15. Most likely died and the tank mates started pecking at it

  16. Maybe he pushed the give up button

  17. It’s a classic case of Erotic Asphyxiation. I have seen it 34 times before.

  18. You dont happen to have an assassin snail do you???

  19. Spontaneous combustion

  20. You didn’t find my leftover cocktail sauce outside the tank, did ya?

  21. REDRUM

  22. Ammonia spike is my legitimate guess. Did you recently change water sources or change any chemicals or have any plants or fish die off? (All v sensitive to ammonia) Is there a betta in the mix?

    I had an ammonia spike that Nuked my shrimp tank and it the shrimp were falling apart similarly

    Also, they need a high ph for their shells, if their was a calcium deficiency then this would lead to a weakened exoskeleton. I don’t know if soft water is enough to kill them but I can’t imagine it being good. Was it one shrimp or many? There’s a lot of debris on the substrate, again leading me to guess an ammonia spike.
    I’m Sorry for your loss 🙁

  23. Looks like an execution by guillotine to me

  24. It appears there’s been a murder

  25. He tried to get a head in life but misunderstood what that meant.

    In all seriousness I’m sorry for your shrimp ): I found one like that when I first got my cherries. UPS was 3 days late in delivering them. Out of 20 only 5 survived the journey. There was carnage in the bag. Shrimp parts everywhere. Those five quickly grew in numbers though and I have an inbred shrimp army now.

  26. I hope he is okay

  27. is he ok

  28. Hes ended up in half I’d imagine that caused the death to be honest…but I’m far from a marine biologist.

  29. That shrimp definitely got ate by something.

  30. Looks like what Megatron did to Jazz in the Transformers movie

  31. What are your kh levels at?
    When I first started I lost a few shrimp from ph spikes because the kh level was almost non existent. It’s tankmates may have gotten at it after it died?
    Could be numerous reasons It carked it.

  32. Awww!!! It’s a jungle out there. Poor shrimpy!!

  33. Loan Shark. You got to pay up.

  34. Plot twist: OP killed the shrimp, and we just confirmed that he/she got away with it.

  35. If you have guppies they probably did it

  36. Do you happen to have a surprisingly rotund Betta in this tank right now?

  37. I think a giant piano must have fallen on his torso. That’ll do it

  38. Ivy definitely did it.

  39. Guppies fucked up an old shrimp of mine as well. She may have died first, but boy did they go berserk on that poor little thing

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