1. Holy moly these are gorgeous! Are they cardinal sulawesi? That purple is gorgeous!

  2. I rarely see such a purple in the aquarium space! I usually only see it on certain guppies! Amazing!

  3. Their antennas are so long!

  4. This is cool, are they actually purple or is it the lighting?

  5. Looks like you have worms friend! One enters in the screen at 2 o clock at the 17sec mark. If you already knew then disregard.

  6. What kind are these? They look like some type of suluwesi

  7. I’ve been debating turning my 5 gal in to a shrimp only tank. They are soo pretty! More research for me!

  8. Omg these are amazing!!! I can’t find any near me to buy 😩

  9. Where is info on Purple Cardinals? I’m not seeing it anywhere. Thx.

  10. Goodness, these are gorgeous!

  11. Is this from your blue breeding project?

  12. Spectacular, thank you for sharing!

  13. i wonder what they’d look like under a UV lamp

  14. I want them!

  15. love their goofy little antennae

  16. I absolutely love purple in an aquarium! I wish I could do a shrimp tank but I’m not good at those for whatever reason

  17. Oh wow!!! I didn’t know purple was possible… Amazing bunch! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

  18. I thought purple was an impossible color for shrimps something to do with the red and blue pigments not being able to blend. What camera filter are you using?

  19. SKRIMPS!

  20. Where did you get these purple ones? My father has fallen in love with the color. O:

  21. Did anyone notice at around 8 seconds a white squiggly thing swam past?

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