1. That‘s disgusting. It looks like a larvae, probably from a midge. Are there many and are your shrimp okay. You can treat it like hydras. Squish it or get a larger fish with a big appetit. You should get a flytrap and/or a lid. Shrimp are quite resistant to these usually but shrimplets are just too small.

  2. Tanks a 30L. Parameters: Ammonia 0, Nitrites 0, Nitrates 12-15. pH 7.5. TDS 250. Dwarf hair grass carpet, various mosses. Suspecting they were hitch hikers on the last batch of moss from the LFS, everything else was in vitro.

  3. So sorry a fellow fish keeper had to deal with this. I had a large spider fall in my tank once and tried but couldn’t touch it for 10 minutes. If it is a persisting problem you will have to remove the shrimp and do a big clean or (do your own research on this first) get a hungry carnivorous fish, black skirt tetra, swordtails, gobies.

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Keeping Shrimp
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