1,000 *shrimp* INTO MONSTER 480 AQUARIUM (16 months later…)

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16 months in the past we added over 1,000 blue bolt Taiwan bee shrimp to the 480 gallon aquarium. For such a monster aquarium, it feels a little bit bizarre so as to add such small creatures. We dare to be completely different although. 16 months later, the outcomes are in! Did the 480 gallon fish tank do the job? Was it price including 1,000 shrimp? Effectively, let’s have a look!

Take a look at once we added these shrimp and what the 480 appeared like:

Every part Talked about within the Video:
­čö┤Bacter AE: https://flipaquatics.com/merchandise/bacter-ae
­čö┤Shrimp King Full: https://flipaquatics.com/merchandise/shrimp-king-complete
­čö┤Assorted Neo 20 Packs: https://flipaquatics.com/merchandise/10-assorted-neocaridina-shrimp
­čö┤Cryptic Rifts (Mike’s Channel): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpUNfW0D7W_8YTQPXBNBSHQ
­čö┤Micro Crabs: https://flipaquatics.com/merchandise/5-thai-micro-crabs
­čö┤Black Galaxy Shrimp: https://flipaquatics.com/merchandise/galaxy-pinto
­čö┤Pink Fancy Tigers: https://flipaquatics.com/merchandise/red-fancy-tiger-imported
­čö┤Yellow King Kongs: https://flipaquatics.com/merchandise/yellow-king-kong
­čö┤Orange Pumpkin Shrimp: https://flipaquatics.com/merchandise/orange-neocaridina

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