1. It’ll certainly help shrimplet survival

  2. To an extent yes.

  3. Totally, those little dirty feckers go nuts for a good bush. Dont forget to trim the bush though, shrimps dont like a jungly-like bush.

  4. Since they’re still new to ur tank they may not breed right away. Make sure u have mature males and females. I had a dark cave made of rock and slate for my shrimp and they bred like crazy in it. They also liked the temp at 76-77f. Give them a month or 2 to adjust, once they’re comfortable they’ll multiply. If they still don’t within 3-4m u can watch out for saddled females, select a good male, and put them in a breeding box.
    I’d let them be for now.

  5. To answer your question, a little. How long have you had them and how many do you have? Are you having issues with them breeding?

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