Why has my shrimp stayed on this precise spot for 3 days?

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  1. Looks like a bamboo shrimp, they like to stay in one spot and filter feed using their little fan hands so they will be in the spot with best water flow to catch food particles.

  2. So, my girl and I were looking at this post and this is potentially a bamboo shrimp (not sure of its scientific name) going by the Markings and size..

    As for tank set up, I believe a largish airstone would benefit the tank for oxygen levels as bubbles and external filter agitate the surface more and don’t add a whole lot of oxygen to the tank. I’d suggest some more live plants in the tank to help with those levels.

    It is also possible it is getting close to molting, as bamboo shrimp molt between 45-60 days so it could just be reaching its next molting stages. I’d keep an eye on him for a few more days and continue to check your water parameters.

  3. I had a bamboo shrimp for several years. He loved to move between two positions….never moved anywhere else. Creature of habit!

  4. I have a bamboo shrimp too. If that spot is an area with lots of current, that’s why! Literally every time I look at my bamboo shrimp he’s in the current with his little hands up. But, if there isn’t a high current or bubbler there, and he isn’t using his hands to gather food, I would recommend adding a bubbler

  5. Looking back at it, it looks more like hiding behavior so I think more plants + an airstone will do the trick!

  6. If it a bamboo shrimp like everyone thinks this behavior seems normal, but if not you may want to double check your water, some crustaceans and fish will go to the top of the thank looking for better water quality.
    I’m no expert, so please take this with a grain of salt. 🤏

  7. Don’t worry I have the same problem with my bamboo shrimp but they are just filter feeding

  8. All three of my bamboo shrimp have areas they stay at for weeks at a time, almost like territories.

  9. I have this floating log that was given to me with the aquarium that I can place in front of the water flow. According to my new research now that I know the actual species he could really benefit from it. How does one normally attach it to the side so it’s not always beating around?


  10. Oh, ~~I think it’s a Caridina sp.~~, but I’m not certain because PetSmart couldn’t even tell me what it is. The water temperature is about 74°F.

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