Shrimp with tropical fish – need to improve temp from 72°F to 76°F

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  1. They’ll be fine. I keep cherries at 78.

  2. I’m relatively new to shrimp, but my tank is set to 75F and my 4 cherries are doing well. I think one is pregnant now.

  3. I have mine at 76 and my cherries and rilis breed like crazy

  4. Have you tried just turning up the heater to 76*F? That’s probably the easiest way to turn up the heat. Other than that, literally just googling “neocardina temperature” gives instant results of 14–29 °C (57–84 °F) 

  5. Always make changes incrementally! I understand the anxiety making changes to something that’s working. A degree a week should be more than fine.

  6. I have all my tanks set 75-77 and all have an obscene amount of cherry shrimp in them along with guppies, Cories and endlers

  7. New to shrimp but my tank just aligns with the temp of my room, which is about 72 but if I’m cold and need my heater lol it’ll get to 76. so essentially my tank ranges from 72-76, which is the 4° you’re concerned about and my shrimp are breeding just fine.

  8. I turned mine up to 85 for a few days to combat a battle with Ich. Lost one fish but the shrimp were fine.

  9. They’ll be fine just do it gradually, 1-2 degree increase every other day

  10. Bettas do best at temps at a minimum of 78 up to 80°F, otherwise they’ll be lethargic and their immune system won’t work as well so they’re more susceptible to disease. Just keep that in mind! Your shrimp and cories will both be fine up to 79 though!

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