What on Earth is on my cherry shrimp’s rostra??

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  1. Nice detailed post! You can check the pinned/sidebar mod post under the common diseases links for ID/details between vort and scut parasites (this presumes it’s attached and not just some detritus that was stuck and gone now).

    I resolved such with a salt dip, used Kosher salt as I didn’t have marine salt yet, just be sure to not use table salt or any with additives/metals. I did 40 seconds, then rinsed in tank water, then returned to tank. Check the link/online for salt ratio. Easy-peasy.

  2. I’m a bio major and I’ve seen research less than half as detailed and well written as this post haha. Good on you for being so thorough with your shrimp care! Hoping they get better soon! <3

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