Solutions for stocking? (Apart from shrimp and snails)

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  1. – Least killifish
    – Medaka rice fish
    – Micro rasboras (Like chilis or phoenix)
    – Various small killifish species
    – Sparkling gourami
    – Ember tetras
    – Badis
    – Aquatic insects

    There are a good variety of nano fish that could live in this tank. Everyone always suggests bettas like they’re the only option.

  2. I would say a Betta would be pretty good for an 8g. That’s enough space for them, and with enough plants, it would be a pretty happy camper

  3. You could put a betta in there if you have tall plants or similar places for it to rest near the surface. I have a tall tank also, but with a betta leaf bed or floating log they’ll do fine

  4. I would say put some water in it

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