What number of cherry shrimp in a 1g bowl with numerous crops?

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  1. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but plants consume oxygen at night… you might want to have a few less plants tbh, or at least fewer floaters. There’s very little surface area for gas exchange, so you might suffocate some of the shrimp.

    Edit: also, what are your nitrates? Unless they are consistently 0 you are going to run into issues. Doing water changes on 1 gallon is going to be a nightmare… a small nightmare, but very challenging to keep stable water parameters. If you are new to shrimp, or new to aquariums, get something bigger for the shrimp.

  2. From my shrimp suppliers experience and my own years of shrimp caring experience I wouldn’t recommend using a 1g bowl for shrimp. Shrimp need a tank of 5g minimum, otherwise they will begin to show signs of stress and will “auto regulate” themselves

  3. No advice here, just wanted to say your bowl looks beautiful

  4. To be honestly I had really good luck in a 2 gallon jar with an air stone, frogbit and stem plants.

    That jar looks a little tight

  5. I wouldn’t put anything living in 1 gallon of water, from experience it’s too much of a headache to stabilize the parameters, would be even harder without filtration, hard pass.

  6. off topic, all i saw was two severed feet upside down on the bottom of the aquarium. I should stop watching dexter….

  7. Tbh just start with 5-10 shrimps with both male and female. Their reproduction rate will be based on available resources on your tank

    Some tips for small tank based on my experience:

    1. Oxygen and water circulation: there might not be enough surface agitation for oxygen exchange. Solution: add a weak air pump. Just a line of air bubble will do. I have a 5 gallon and use an air pump of a 2 gallon, it produces 3 line of bubbles (of course not fine bubble, but not large bubbles either). Work perfectly fine

    2. Water parameters fluctuation: this is when you do water change in such a small volume. Solution: use remineralized distilled water. I used to have a 3 gallon shrimp tank. People said that it was too small to have stable water parameters. But I used remineralized distilled water. Even when I did more than 50% water change, my shrimps were fine as my old water and new water had the same water parameters

  8. I’m not saying you can’t do it or that it’s impossible, but I’ve tried twice in the past to house culls from a shrimp colony in a filterless, planted 1-2 gallon bowl with no success. Both times they did okay for a while but were clearly less healthy and active than the shrimp in the main colony and then after a couple months there were random deaths overnight despite nitrate levels being fine. So, if you add shrimp to this bowl, I wish you and your shrimp good luck, but I’d highly recommend a 5 gallon for a much easier and less stressful shrimp keeping experience.

  9. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen this big of a defensive cry baby OP in this sub

  10. 10 easily. Check parameters first.

  11. 5.5gallons are nightmares. Go for at least a 10

  12. Wow! Looks very nice and cute.  

    I think add another 10 more and let them max the population by themselves.  
    It will be a good puzzle to balance the food and waste, for a no tech.  
    How lighted is it?

  13. If you already have 5, just relax and enjoy the bowl. They will make you more.

  14. This, but make it a 5 gallon. Then it’d be perfect for some nanos.

    What you could put in a tank this size is some scuds. They’re a super tiny shrimp that could even live in a mason jar. They’re not inherently your traditional shrimp, but they have similar behaviors and diets.

    Not all of them eat plants or other aquatic pets btw, that’s just a myth 🙂

  15. As many as will reproduce. You could probably hold 100+, but their population will grow as large as their environment supports.

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