1. Those are copepods! Completely harmless and a great micro clean up crew! That female one on the other hand is MASSIVE

  2. Having copepods mean a good ecosystem in your tank. They can be an eyesore to some but they help clean your tank.

  3. Copepods! I’m jealous, I’m waiting for my fish store to get them in stock so I can dose all my tanks.

  4. Copepods and one has eggs.

  5. They get introduced to your tank when you put in live rocks, live plants etc. They won’t harm

  6. You too have been blessed with copepods! Possibly cyclops, which is what I have, though perhaps not as yours look bigger. I noticed them in the 6 gal I was prepping for my betta… But once I introduced her I haven’t seen them since lol

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