Wants some trimming however I’m afraid I’ll unintentionally decapitate my shrimp

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  1. My biggest fear as well.

  2. You can shake a bit your scissors or use your hands to gently ward off the shrimps on the place that you’ll trim.

  3. What kind of grass is that and do the blades grow back out when you trim it or does it grow new blades and send out new runners

  4. Just russle around a bit and close the scissors slowely, they’ll move out of the way😅 it’s kinda fun to see them all flee the giant metal space ship that’s cutting their lawn🤣

  5. Beautiful. I love it when someone really commits to a theme.

  6. honestly though i love the wild grassy look. nice tank.

  7. Is that jungle val in the back? I need to trim mine because it’s finally grown too long but I’ve heard that you can kill it if you trim it wrong (is that true?) so I’m nervous haha

  8. Close them really slowly and use the second hand to scare away any shrimp that come too close

  9. Use long tweezers to disturb the area or only cut incrementally so you can see everything.

  10. I think it looks great as is!

  11. Beautiful tank! What is the glass pipe thing on the left side of the tank?

  12. You could use a special treat to lure them to one side of the tank…I’ve done that with my fish when making changes, keeps them distracted and out of the way.

  13. I mean, what kind of shrimps? Cuz if they breed…

    *They can always make more.* /jk

  14. As long as you snip slowly, you should be fine. Shrimp are pretty quick to move out of harms way.

  15. That’s a nice scape man! I like the simplicity of the layout!

  16. I think it’s lovely

  17. I like it as is

  18. Looks great, it doesn’t need trimming yet !

  19. What light is that?

  20. I love this look. Nice job!

  21. Tips for growing your DHG so well?

  22. So glad this was in the planted tank sub. I initially thought it was a a pic that I really didn’t want to see.

  23. How long does it take for the grass to grow that long?

  24. Serious question, how did you get it to grow with shrimp? Every time I plant some they rip it up.

  25. Use an electric trimmer, has you would do with your hair

  26. I don’t have shrimp, but I put my big scary hand in and hold the part of the plant I’m cutting

  27. Shrimp are too fast for you. Trust me, they’re little bastards when it comes to sharp reflexes. Just try culling them to see my point proven.

  28. Omg I just bought some trimming tools. Thought I would go to work on my overgrown everything. First snip and I get the roots of my pothos. I was not aiming for them at all and it’s a newly transferred plant just starting to grow roots. Fml.

  29. What is that soft looking grass

  30. Do you have a backdrop on your tank??

  31. How much Hair Grass did you start with? That is such a beautiful scape

  32. Crazy idea here but what about trying with rechargable hair clippers? Many are waterproof. You could use the clipper guard and the shrimp should be safe.

  33. oh I have the same fear with my shrimp lawn. I set my scissors where I want them russle the blade end a big to shooo them away a bit and then slowly snip

  34. its ok if you kill one or two accidently, they can just make more lmao.

    Kidding, but I personally wouldn’t worry too much. Just put a dish with a cucumber off to the side so they will flock towards it.

  35. Try to use food to attract the shrimps to one side of the tank and trim carefully the other side

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