Nightmare story… I bought 100 cherry shrimp from a vendor on eBay and obtained a totally destroyed bundle with…

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  1. I hope you told the seller! Don’t think it could’ve been their fault and instead something to do with the shipping people

  2. Shipping mishaps are unavoidable when doing business via post. What separates sellers above the others is how they respond to it and make you whole.

    Good sellers understand that coverage for this type of loss is just the cost of doing business.

  3. That’s really sad. Given that the package is completely destroyed, it definitely happened during transit. In addition to contacting eBay for a refund I would also file a complaint with your local post office. Make sure to include the pictures because this is totally unacceptable by USPS standards. The postmaster should be made aware so they can investigate.

  4. I just want to know how it’s even remotely possible the box got messed up this bad wtf

  5. Very unfortunate for both parties involved. Three parties since it wasn’t for you and for a customer. As a seller myself I would offer a full refund or have reshipped. Mishaps happen but as a seller you always have to make things right.

  6. Ebay is really a hell hole for customers. I had such a problem with one fish seller misrepresenting items and sending fish beat to shit they gave such a run around it was horrible. “Oh message the seller work it out” you message nothing happens in the 3 day guarantee “open a request now we have 3 day guarantee from then” 3 days passed wth nothing “you must not have opened the right request try again” “did that satisfy your request” “no they just sent me me of the same b.s” “ah well make another request ” I swear to God I was ready to rip up the earth dealing with their customer service.

    Fortunately there’s still some decent people on there but its few and far between and really a gamble. Almost more of a gamble then possibly being murdered or robbed dealing with Craigslist.

  7. If you just want common shrimp I highly recommend getting them from a local source, preferably someone keeping them in water from the same source as you, always had the best luck that way. Otherwise flip aquatics, not the cheapest but not bad prices at all and stellar service and care for the shrimp.

  8. Did you try CPR?

  9. You can file an insurance claim with USPS on their site. Just upload the photos and information and they will usually at least give you the minimum insurance payout which is $50. It’s probably less than you paid for them initially but it’s better than nothing.

    I’ve had to do it before with an order and my package wasn’t nearly as beat up as yours.

  10. I never trust USPS with anything valuable. RIP shrimpies 🙁 so sorry you had to deal with this.

  11. I’ve never had a good experience with eBay.

  12. is it normal to ship them with only cardboard and paper?

    i don’t ship live animals but i’m super paranoid about environmental damage and bumps, so i try to bubble wrap and bag everything. if i was shipping something full of water, even sans shrimp, i’d probably at least put the bag in some sort of tupperware container?

  13. If you are ever in Michigan please contact me and I will give you several healthy shrimp for no charge. This is horrifying and I’m so sorry for you and your poor shrimp.

  14. Dope comics

  15. Oh mate maybe warnings for those photos. That’s brutal. I hope you get it delivery issue sorted because that’s unacceptable.

  16. Are you buying for a store or to resell? If not 100 is unnecessary, they will breed so quickly.

    If it’s not to supply a shop then find 20 local and pickup yourself, much safer.

  17. Usps has become the worst, they throw my shrimp at the door

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