so I’ve a shrimp tank that got here with this substrate and wish to know if vegetation are attainable with it or if I ought to…

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  1. Literally the first word is plant

  2. I’m not an expert but I use Ada Amazonia per the recommendation of my LFS

  3. There is only a cappuccino snail and bladder snails in the tank atm

  4. That is not aqua soil. I bought it thinking it was but I’m pretty sure it has no nutrients also it’s a pain to plant in because it’s so light

  5. I use this stuff in all of my planted tanks because I like the looks of it and it’s always worked out well. Been using it for years. I still use root tabs and liquid ferts and CO2 in the larger tank.

  6. Only drawback is this substrate is so light new plants can be hard to keep planted until their roots spread. Potted plants will work just fine.

  7. I’m a beginner, so I didn’t know what I was looking for when I bought and used this for a small tank. I have red crypt wendtii, staurogyne repens, red tiger lotus, creeping jenny, and some anubias nano. Plants seem to be growing great for the past 2 months with just 2 seachem tabs. I have a betta with a mystery snail and ghost shrimp if that helps.

  8. Plants will do great in that substrate. It’s kinda meant for it

  9. I am trying to imagine what a shrimp plant would look like.

  10. Thought that was coffee

  11. This is not a soil type substrate but still works fine. Lots of people prefer a non-soil rock type substrate anyways. Just know there’s not really any nutrients in this, so you may want to add root tabs.

  12. I grow plants in it, I do use root tabs.

  13. I use this one in my 10g. My Cardinalis and Rotala love it.

  14. I have this exact substrate and I actually love it. The clay balls actually stay together rather than break up and turn into a muddy mess. I just make sure to add some fertilizer capsules under neath every now and then. Some folks have reported also have ph problems with it, but I never had any issues.

  15. I’ve used this mixed with ada or stratum. It’s cheap and have found it good using in a mix. I kinda like the look of them as well. I don’t think it has nutrients but someone can correct me if I’m wrong but I believe they can absorb nutrients . Roots grow well in it. But it alone it’s hard to get plants to stay down. I don’t think you could get a hairgrass carpet with it easily. It always reminds me of BBs for air gun.
    Basically cheap medium to use in conjunction with a high nutrient , most likely more expensive medium.

  16. Shrimp dont eat the soil but they can hide between the balls, since the soil is great for plants then the shrimp will benefit from the soil because of that. They also love algae

  17. i have this exact substrate in my planted tank. it’s light, so keeping the plants from floating to the top before they were rooted was a pain, but once they put roots out, i absolutely love it. combined with a liquid fertilizer, i’m having to trim my tank down once a week because of crazy growth

  18. Bro read the bag

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