Shrimp tank upkeep was enjoyable yesterday with this curious one round

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  1. It’s actually a 90 gallon and the kitten is a giant

  2. How could you get mad at that face??!💗

  3. That’s an awesome little tank and an awesome little kitty 🙂

  4. Can I ask what model of tank that is? That’s really dope!

  5. What is that carpet made of

  6. Impossibly cute! We need to start making a calendar, à la Cats on Amps.

  7. Absolutely adorable maintenance buddy

  8. No cover on there or left out for the picture? I cant even try with our two, they have a round hole for lifting the cover and they all the time stick their paws in there to get some water.

  9. Such an adorable helper

  10. whats your light?

  11. That carpet is gorgeous! I don’t see any CO2 equipment, how do you keep that carpet so lush?

  12. oh my god this is so cuteeeeee

  13. Fluffy cat, lush tank, good shit 👌

  14. I might be a foster fail with that cutie!

  15. Do you have a heater in there at all?

  16. Amazing! Which substrate are you using?

  17. Yeah what’s that light though? And that little baby filter?

  18. I want this 🥹

  19. Amazing! What’s that hob?

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