1. Yep, they eggs. If it’s a freshwater tank , then unfortunately, it won’t hatch. The babies can only survive in brackish water.

  2. eggs can be dark, that is normal enough. but growth in that region can also mean cladogonium, which is a parasitic algae. eggs have a distinct round shape, while clado is fuzzy. that first image looks a bit suspicious to me, but that might just be image blur. You might want to look through the subreddit for more images and compare.

  3. Yes, just eggs. Amano eggs are smaller, darker, and more numerous than cherry shrimp eggs so they can look weird to people used to cherry shrimp. Amanos don’t actually get Cladogonium ogishimae as far as I know. The eggs may or may not hatch, but the shrimplets will not survive in freshwater.

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