Plant strategies for top tech / straightforward upkeep future CRS shrimp tank

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  1. Just an fyi. I set up a tank recently with seiryu stone as well which was going to be dedicated to Taiwan bees. But I forgot and was made aware again that the seiryu stone will raise the kh ph and tds fairly quickly, making it hard to keep stable for cardina shrimp. So I had to rethink what I was going to put in that tank instead and set up another tank for the caridinas.

    As for plants I do love HC and dwarf hair grasses. Even some longer type species around the rocks might look nice I think. Maybe parvula/parvula mini and acicularis mini.

  2. Nice and anubias can be grown on rocks. Floating plants such as water lettuce(for the bushy roots). Floating plants with bushy roots (specifically water lettuce) would probably complement the rocks, just because there are a good amount of rocks, and yeah the bulkiness of the rocks would probably go nice with bushy rooted-floating plants🤗

  3. Oh man, this is such a beautiful scape that I almost don’t want to say anything, but since you specified that you wanted to keep CRS here, it’s worth pointing out that those rocks will be counterproductive to getting and maintaining ideal CRS water parameters. I also had seiryu stones but took them out when I introduced CRS into my tank, because they buffered my GH, KH, and pH too high. I loved the scape (as I love yours!) but ultimately tore it down because it was frustrating constantly fighting against that buffering effect. You’ll find that most Caridina breeding tanks don’t use rocks for this reason. Maybe keep a different species in here if you don’t want to waste all your hard work?

  4. Subwassertang, Christmas moss, hydrocotyle

  5. Love your hardscape!

  6. Overhauled my previous jungle tank and rescaped into seiryu stone mountain style.

    Am thinking HC/Baby dwarf tears, however, will it grow out of control quickly and be hard to maintain?

    Previously had monte carlo in this tank which grew wildly fast

  7. Would not recommend Dwarf Baby Tears unless you are definitely planning on co2

  8. Crypts! They are my easiest plants, their only special care is they want way more root tabs than other plants, I find replacing tabs monthly is all they need even if water column nutrients are extremely low. Aka, less frequent dosing!!! Also, they don’t need trimming all the time, even with CO2, which can become a chore with fast growing plants. They just need more patience while they melt and adjust and grow into the tank. Some crypts don’t attain full submersed growth for 8+ months.

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