Ought to I fear about this? These shrimp bully him like unsupervised children on a playground

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  1. They’re just getting revenge for the 20 shrimp my betta assassinated in the dead of night.

  2. He is so sweet and gentle he won’t even nip at them when they climb on him. I think he’s to fast and his fins are to short for them to bite him but I’m still a little worried about him not defending himself.

  3. He is shrimply taking advantage of his local taxi service.

  4. I had a ghost shrimp that turned out to be a river shrimp that grew enormous and ate like half the fish tank.. so much as this photo made me laugh my tolerance for clear shrimp doing shit like this is pretty low

  5. I had some ghost shrimp with a betta for a while. Until I realized they were nipping at the betta’s tail that turned to fin rot.

  6. A lot of people saying they have horror stories about ghost shrimp dont really have ghost shrimp but usually whisker shrimp, ghost shrimp also called glass or grass shrimp is docile and thats what you have. You can tell from the red bands on claws and whiskers. The only reason a shrimp would attack a fish or eachother is if its sick or dying. Neo shrimp and ghost shrimp are scavengers and dont kill healthy fish. I raise fry with ghost shrimp and I get no loses at all and see no agressive behavior at all. The betta is more of a threat to them then they are to it.

  7. I spit my coffee seeing this picture. It’s hilarious considering how many shrimp are eaten by bettas.

  8. Maybe he can’t see ghosts?

  9. Gotta be careful. I have amano shrimp and they would occasionally nip at my betta’s fins like food. I’ve even caught one slowly trying to drag the betta across the tank. Why the betta put up with that I have no idea.

  10. I don’t know about your shrimp bully, but I had to comment on that FISH!
    100% the most beautiful fish I’ve seen…seriously I LOVE him!
    What is it?

  11. That’s a ghost shrimp. I wouldn’t trust hims 100%

  12. Y’all’s betas don’t instantly murder ghost shrimp on sight?

  13. I can’t answer the question, but he’s a beautiful fish.

  14. This is so odd- my Betta has killed anything that lived in his palace. I can’t even wrap my head this picture.

  15. One morning you’ll wake up and only the shell of that shrimp will be left.

  16. Off topic, but how old is your betta? I have one with very similar markings that has entirely changed colour over the last 6 months or so. She’s blue now.

  17. I’d keep an eye on it and separate them if you notice any damage/injury to the fish or changed, stressed-out behavior. Shrimp are generally peaceful, but in larger groups can gang up on individual/smaller fish. I’ve had juvenile tetras get attacked (and eaten) by full-grown blue-dream shrimp (*neocaradina davidi*).

  18. Stress can often lead to a compromised, sick fish. Always best to nip aggression in the bud, if you can.

  19. I had a small betta that had her fins picked really bad by ghost shrimps.. i ended up having to seperate her from them.

  20. In due time you’ll be left with a simple question: where did my ghost shrimp go?

  21. It took 2 month for mine to realize they could be food. Once he did, they were all (7) gone in about a week.

    I suspect he got tired of the shrimp nipping at him (like the picture) and nipped back. Then he thought it was yummy and proceeded to eat it.

  22. I skipped amano and other shrimps for that reason and went for neocardina. My previous betta was such a gentle soul they could dance on him and steal his food but were too small to hurt him. My current Betta imbelis is called Jack the Ripper for a reason….

  23. I’ve never heard of ghost shrimp eating anything living

  24. I found out my ghost shrimp were whisker shrimp after they ate all the other shrimp and tetras. Very aggressive little guys! They leave my angelfish alone, but I do think they’d attack anything smaller.

  25. if he doesn’t seem bothered or harmed at all, i don’t see any issue 🙂 i’d think of this as maybe more of a unexpected friendship

  26. Meanwhile my Betta kills those shrimp for fun

  27. My half moon tank buddies right off the bat were 4 ghost shrimps at least what I bought them as, a loach, and dwarf frog. The loach and half moon are the only ones still around since the beginning. The ghost shrimps didn’t put up with my bettas shenanigans when he tried to beat them up they would just “flick” him away. One day he pissed off one of them and that little shit chased him around the tank for what felt like 15+ minutes haha.

  28. That’s the most beautiful Betta I’ve ever seen. Let me have him please 😍😂

  29. They will learn eventually that the shrimp are helping the fish live.

    There are many aquarium shrimp types. Some species of shrimp are cleaners, such as Lysmata amboinensis. This species of shrimp “dances” to attract fish by waving their antennae around. They then go into the fish’s open mouth to clean off bloodsucking parasites

  30. I’ve definitely had ghost shrimp gang up on a beta and kill it before.

    When buying shrimp I’m super careful now to make sure they’re not ghosts being sold as ammano shrimp. The ammano are much nicer 😅

  31. I’d say keep a close eye on it. I’ve had the unfortunate experience of watching on camera as three amano shrimp tore my betta apart. Don’t think I’ll be completely trusting anything bigger than a cherry shrimp again.

  32. Holy moly, I wasn’t expecting this 1 second moment to get so much attention. I had my phone out already taking pictures of him eating so the shrimp wasn’t ontop of him for a long time, it was a quick second moment that I was lucky enough to be ready for and catch in somewhat decent quality

  33. You need to institute crustacean consequences for shrimp bullies

  34. I am fairly certain this is a _Macrobrachium_ and not a normal ghost shrimp. As its name implies, it has long arms, which is the main distinguishing feature from normal ghost shrimp. It will grow to be quite large and can eat all your fish.

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