New shrimp tank began for my daughter. By no means stored strictly shrimp earlier than.

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  1. Shrimp are awesome! I would get some moss in there (christmas, fire or java). Shrimp love it and in my experience helps keep baby shrimp alive giving them tight hiding places

  2. Looks nice so far. I’d suggest you add a coconut shell cover, or a few more plants since shrimps like to have covers. I’d also suggest a few mineral stones to help the shrimp build back their exoskeleton once they start growing bigger.

  3. Seems like it has good potential for a shrimp tank! I agree with the other comments advice about moss and the coconut shell

  4. Picked up a small 5 gallon for a dedicated shrimp (and one over sexed male Mystery Snail) grabbed some plants and wood from my bigger tank as well as a sponge filter I’ve had in there for about a week and a half to help jumpstart. Went with Fluval Stratum this time to try it out. Got some more plants incoming for both my tank tank and this one. Pic was still settling the dust from the FLUVAL. Even after rinsing it was super dusty. What temp can I run to keep shrimp and my snail happy. I’ve seen they can be colder than the 78-79 my main tank is running.

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