My first shrimp tank! Presently biking. Nervous about KH/GH ranges.

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  1. If you can get Salty Shrimp, they make a GH+ and a GH/KH+ product meant to raise the levels for shrimp
    Edit: those anubias shouldn’t be buried, their rhizome needs to be above the substrate

  2. I don’t have any helpful info, but I do have the same suction cup planter thing! They are so cool haha. Love the setup, it looks gorgeous

  3. Yeah, definitely rocks would work, and what the other poster said too

  4. Hii this is unrelated to your question but if you don’t plan on doing it already, I recommend to plug that little hole on the back wall so no shrimp can get into the filter. I have a tank like this and unfortunately I had some chili rasbora casualties but luckily my shrimp survived. There’s a person on Etsy that 3D prints a little plastic piece just for this exact reason and it snaps in perfectly! Good luck with the tank! I just started my first shrimp tank too and I’m obsessed

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