my 5 12 months previous planted 5 gallon. Presently residence to five cherry shrimp. What would you guys put in right here?

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  1. How did you get that hair grass to carpet so well?

  2. One blue shrimp. It’ll freak the gang out.

  3. Did you clear out some fauna? I imagine a 5 year tank would have a ton more things

  4. I first read this as that your 5yr old child planted the tank, and I was super amazed at how well he or she had done the job šŸ˜…

    Iā€™d get more shrimp!!!

  5. Galaxy or chilli rasboras for sure

  6. Nothing.

    Because then you’d be wondering how I got in your house.

  7. Don’t have a recommendation, but it looks great. What substrate did you use?

  8. Let the shrimp do their thing, and maybe 1 Nerite. Cute tank!

  9. Moooooorreee shrimmpp

  10. id say something to add height to the background

  11. I’m scaping a 5 gallon soon, I hope it goes as well as this!

  12. Red Tail Catfish

  13. Ember tetras!

  14. Scarlet Badis

  15. Galaxie rasporas

  16. Chili rasboras! Also trim your hair grass please! It will make me happy

  17. i would consider neon tetra.colors would be perfect and they won’t eat your shrimps.

  18. Couple endlers or least killifish

  19. Let the cherry shrimp go crazy and multiply now that there is no betta!

  20. More cherry shrimp and some chili rasbora, some floating plants.

  21. A betta or some tetras, maybe even endlers

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