Mine is individuals asking if my shrimp are edible or not

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  1. “wow, those plants must of been sooo expensive. I dont think I could ever do this”

    “what the fuck is that”

    “your tank looks dirty” (has some algae)

  2. “Are those really shrimp? they are so small”

    “Can I eat your *insert any of my crustaceans*”


    “where is the crayfish?”

    My dwarf crayfish is scared of new people and will either hide or challenge them to a territorial fight. Also anyone asking to eat my animals makes me scared af.

  3. my mum keeps saying i could/should get wayyy more goldfish in my 60gal lol. (she thinks 15 would be a good amount) ((it would not)

  4. You need a friend for your fishy he’s lonely 🥺

  5. “Why is the water brown”

  6. “Omg I think your fish are dead :(” I have some very obviously fake floating ceramic goldfish in one of my tanks. They don’t even really have fins.

  7. Your water is so dirty. I don’t think that’s healthy for them.

    Me with my blackwater tank 😐

  8. I think anyone I’ve mentioned my shrimp to immediately ask if they are edible. Which is weird because only a few of them actually know someone who farms shrimp.

  9. I had several people ask if my shrimp were edible when I had them! I never knew what to say haha

  10. Boyfriend always wants me to get the most incompatible fish to live with my fancy goldies

  11. People say my tanks are nice when I think they are trash and my fish is sick 🥺

  12. I’ve gotten “are those plants real?” Quite a few times, no one seems to ask anything else.

  13. “What! You have a Siamese Fighting Fish (sic) with other fish?? Don’t they kill everything??”


    “Thats a big tank for a fighting fish. Don’t they just need like a bowl?”

  14. “Do your algae eaters, eat shit from other fish”, people that are my grandparents age(about 70+ or so) and children keep asking if my Sewellia lineolata eats waste produced…. by other fish

  15. “Looks like a ditch” – my Mom


  16. *looking at massive beautiful chilid tank*
    That one looks cool, kinda has an angry face.

  17. “So how big do they get”
    “Oh that’s full size?!?! Wow they’re small”
    “What do they do?”
    The last question is always the one I have trouble answering. Like idk? Exist I guess? Bring me joy?

  18. Every time I say I have a shrimp tank to a new person I swear to god they always ask if I farm them to eat them lmao then I show them a pic and then they’re like “ohhh okay” then looked confused and then I’m instantly known as the weird shrimp guy, and ya know what, I couldn’t be more proud to be the weird shrimp guy. Once I said “nah I don’t farm em, breed them for genetics and keep em as pets”. Now I occasionally get addressed as “shrimp fucker” 😂👍

  19. Hmm…bite sized. I see that as a valid question honestly, rude, but valid. No one asks me shit

  20. “all that for one little fish?!”

  21. “Why is it in there (the 15 gal)? Betta fish only live like 2 weeks..”

  22. How do plants grow underwater?

  23. “Why do you have only these many fish? You should add a goldfish.” I have a 30G with 3 HG, 4 Corys, 2 Oto and 1 snail. Haven’t bought new fish in almost 3 years.

  24. Oh look, a tiny lobster.

  25. “If times get desperate, you can always eat them! Good thinking!”

    “Why is the water dirty?” (Tannin stained)

    “Oh, you should get a <insert horrible fish for the tank>.”

  26. “why is this betta in such a big tank by himself he looks lonely, why mot get him a girlfriend”

    I get it…but like no

  27. Not that I have a clownfish, but I frequently hear “Look! It’s Nemo!!!” At aquariums and fish stores. Bonus points if they see a Palette Surgeon and call it Nemo.

  28. Are those real plants underwater

  29. “I’m gonna eat your fish!! 😈”

  30. “Are those shrimp?” While pointing at what’s very obviously shrimp

  31. “Where Fish”

  32. Axolotl owner be laikkkkkk

    “Oh I know a lot about Axolotls, they turn into salamanders 😱 with dirty water”

    “Can your axolotl walk on land? I saw it on TikTok”

    “why’s your tank so dirty (a bit of mulm and algae)”

    “Why do you use such a big tank, all it needs is just water to live”

    “Why can’t you just buy something now (tank cycling)”

  33. “That’s so wholesome!”

    “Wait, HOW many tanks do you have?”

    “No one I know keeps fish tanks anymore!”

    “Shrimp… to eat?”

    Any and all interest in this time consuming hobby is welcomed

  34. “Those plants are real?!?

  35. “You know those don’t live very long, right?”
    -Relative looking at my 3 year old betta

  36. Are they?

  37. How long does it take to clean it

  38. Looks dirty

    “That’s cause it’s a blackwater tank you fucking *HEATHEN!*”

  39. People asking me if I have ever eaten escargo. They think this is funny too, and it’s not.

  40. Makes a joke about eating my fish and shrimp

  41. “Can I use them on my next fishing trip?” (In response to my large comets)

  42. “Why don’t you put more colorful plants in there, like purple of orange?” Said to my live planted tank.

  43. “Can I feed them?” as if I don’t have a strict feeding routine

  44. I was asked that recently and I could not believe it. No, I’m not going to eat my pets, wtf

  45. You should get a shark

  46. Why don’t you add more fish? There aren’t very many in there.

    Whoa! That tank is HUGE?!

    Why do you have so many tanks? (Only 3)

  47. “It’s Nemo”

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