1. Activated charcoal helps with smells (the kind u add to the filter)

  2. Could it possibly be the piece of wood? Have you taken it out of the water and given it a smell?

  3. Log and/or moss ball would be my guess. Those can trap a lot of rotting organic material.

  4. I had a Buddha statue similar to yours in a tank once that made it stink. Try taking that out.

  5. If that wood is cholla wood, it is very porous and prone to breaking down. It can trap a ton of organics and bacteria. Same with moss and moss balls.

    Did you wrap the cholla wood with moss? It looks very brown. If that is moss-wrapped, the moss could be decaying further. I had that issue with java moss wrapped to an item. I had to disassemble the whole thing and select only the green, healthy moss. The brown parts would just continue to decay

  6. I’m no help but I love the aesthetic of the tank.

  7. I also had that Buda statue and it stunk to high heaven. Water goes foul inside it. I drilled some holes on the back to encourage water flow. My chola wood has never stunk like that before, And I’ve used a lot of it in the past.

  8. I thought you meant the decor and I was about to be like awww no it’s not that bad 😂

  9. don’t see any visible in the picture but my shrimp tank got a bad smell from a blue cyano bacteria outbreak, i know that’s a common source of fish tank odor

  10. do you/did you have snails? dead snails are a smell that haunts my dreams

  11. I can’t see the underneath of your tank but maaaaaybe some water has gotten down there and is mildewimg around/under the base?

  12. Food can fall in among the large gravel and rot. More plants and a sand cap could help

  13. I had a rotten smelling tank too, all of the water was good and even with big water changes it was like that for around a year. I have no idea what happened but it just stopped! I just wanted to say your tank is really pretty!

  14. i don’t have an answer to your question but your tank is gorgeous! what size do you have them in and what kind of substrate do you have? it’s so pretty!

  15. On the front lobe of my left side brains!

  16. What makes you think you are unable to do large water changes with your shrimp tank?

    I do large 50% water changes in all my shrimp tanks weekly. Just match incoming water parameters and temp then it will be fine.

  17. if it smells like poop i’d say your adding to much solution

  18. There is everything wrong in this tank! That moss does not belong to water just Like the gravel (plants cant grow roots through it and the food rots there) and that decor which could produce some poisonous substances. You should buy some good active aqua subtrate, more plants and put some natural wood to this tank and start all over again.

  19. Is that an aquarium camera? Where can I get one?

  20. That’s a really nice tank. May I suggest tossing in a dwarf water lily or 2. They’re easy growing plants that add a lot of color and look amazing.

    I don’t know what would cause a stinky tank. I would definitely look around the room if you’ve checked the tank (which looks clean).

  21. Nobody noticing the dead floating plants?
    All those submerged leaves are dead and decaying. Pretty sure that’s where the bulk of your stank is coming from.

    Healthy red root floater leaves will repel water. When water sticks to the top they’re done.

  22. Could be a dead snail outside the tank, happened to me and I ripped everything apart before finding a small dead snail about the size of a fingernail in-between two pieces of glass out of the water

  23. Do you have a dead snail?

  24. It must be either 2 things: dead fish or vulgar gas smell from rotting food in the gravel. Should go away after a water change. Drip to refill water in to the tank over the span of 1-2 hours. The shrimp will slowly acclimate to each water change. Helpful hint: to be safe, test the water for high nitrates and ammonia. Your tank is one of the cleanest I’ve ever seen! Must be dead snail, fish or multiple shrimp. This leads me to question the exact water parameters. Can you list what you’ve tested?

  25. Add carbon for a while in a media pouch near your sponge filter.

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