Large Freshwater PRAWN Farming | The best way to begin Greatest Indoor SHRIMP Farming Enterprise

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The enormous freshwater prawn or often known as Shrimp farming. A freshwater prawn farm is an aquaculture enterprise designed to boost and produce freshwater prawns or shrimp for human consumption. Typically, shrimp harvesting takes about 7 to eight months.

0:00 introduction | large freshwater prawn farming
0:12 large freshwater prawn/shrimp farming
0:39 the best way to begin freshwater shrimp farming?
0:44 1. receive correct permits or licenses
0:54 2. put together your grow-out pond or ponds
1:36 3. buy the perfect shrimp from a hatchery
1:51 4. acclimate the shrimp to their new setting
2:00 5. inventory the primary grow-out pond
2:23 6. feed the shrimp as soon as they attain 5 grams
2:44 how lengthy does it take for freshwater prawns to develop?

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