I’ve by no means purchased shrimp. I rinse decor earlier than placing it within the tank. I drip acclimate after which use a web to switch…

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  1. As a shrimp breeder, all i can say is at that young (smaller) neocaridinas shrimps are very very resilient. They can wing a massive change in water chemistry and could even survive some amount of ammonia. In fact, the larger (which also means older) they get the more fragile they become.

    If ever you wanna add more to your collection, i would strongly suggest buying a bit smaller shrimp rather than buying the biggest ones. They grow a lot in a month or two.

    Red cherry shrimp is a gateway shrimp, so i cant blame you for liking it. That particular type of Neocaridina is how a lot of shrimp keepers started including myself. πŸ˜…

  2. I emptied my 100l shrimp tank.

    Totally empty. Cleaned it out.

    Left it in the garden in the rain for a few weeks.

    Cane back to find my 2 year old splashing around looking at 3 or 4 random shrimp in there. No idea how. No idea when.

    Neos are a surprising species really. They’re amazing at hiding and can put up with a lot sometimes.

  3. Could have been a egg that somehow survived on a live plant that’s the only thing I can think of

  4. Ahhaha that’s actually kinda awesome!
    I would love to get free shrimpies with my plant purchases.

    Lucky you πŸ™‚

  5. Shrimp is the animal equivalent of duckweed. Probably came with the decor or plants

    I put them in 1 tank, now they have moved to all others, except the ones with angelfish.

  6. I bought a plant the other day, had it in a bag for about 4 hours while i finished shopping around, got home, had dinner, smacked the plant in the tank whilst i was still holding the bag above the tank and with the corner of my eye i catch some movement in the bag just before i told my wife to take the bag an throw it away, and there it was, a big a$$ amano shrimp lol and i know for a fact they triple checked it at the shop to make sure nothing else is in it. They are very, very good at hiding. When i introduced cherry shrimp in my tank they disappeared for 2 days, couldnt find any

  7. Immaculate shrimpception

  8. No idea, but now you need to get him some friends. Shrimps are cool.

  9. Ohhh you have a cosmonaut!!

    Cosmonaut = shrimp that show up in tanks where no shrimp have been introduced

    I’ve got a 20long that has 8 cosmonauts… those guys hitched a ride in a HOB filter & showed up the first week of cycling πŸ˜…

    Le cosmonauts are doing just fine though πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  10. Your bacteria evolved

  11. I once found a shrimp in the smallest puddle of water in bucket I hadn’t used for two weeks! It’s insane how resilient these little guys can be!

  12. The tiny babies are TINY.

  13. Life, um, finds a way

  14. I bought a live plant and the thing was full of baby shrimp. My fish thought they were yummy.

  15. I love this hobby for stuff like this. Happy accidents πŸ™‚

  16. You’re lucky. My water is poison for shrimp. They simply die off in time. Nothing I do saves them.

  17. Life uh… finds a way.

  18. you must have missed him? Neocaradina Shrimp are born very very tiny but not in egg form.

  19. I wish i was this lucky

  20. Meanwhile, in a beautiful established walstad tank with filter, I cannot seem to get more than like 4 shrimp to live. πŸ™ Apparently fluval stratum (not even bio-stratum) was the culprit.

  21. We had a shrimp tank which we completely emptied, tore down, and recapped. We removed the substrate, scrubbed the tank, and peroxided the plants. Whilst it was cycling, a little shrimpoid appeared. No idea how it managed to survive, but it did an it earnt her the name Ginger Ninja.

  22. From Heaven. Neocaridina ❀️

  23. Immaculate schrimpception

  24. I don’t know much about shrimp myself. I only recently bought some for my tanks, but I would be so excited to find I got a free one with some plants. Lmao

  25. God put him there.

  26. We bought shrimp and they still manage to surprise us. β€œI thought you all died/ ate each other. Where did you come from??” But to be fair, we bought ghost shrimp and can barely see them πŸ˜‚

  27. the fish stork, anglers.

  28. That weed plant n ur tank lol jk

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