1. Bamboo shrimp only pick at the substrate if they’re not getting enough food, so if he’s doing that I’d say there’s not enough water flow and floating particles for him to eat.

  2. Yeah.. sorry to be that dick but people should really do some research before they buy any pets

  3. Hey fyi bamboo shrimp wont eat smaller shrimp, the fish most likely took them out (maybe also what took some chunks out of your boy?). You can get powdered food or Bacter AE and squirt a little in front of him to eat. As far as calcium, Wonder Shells are easy to toss in.

  4. U can try throwing Tetra Tabimin, it’s a sinking food that disintegrates into fine particles so ur bamboo shrimp can b fed a bit. U can also put in a large Indian almond leaf, the shrimp will scrape the leaf n consume it as well, it’s pretty much the same stuff it eats in the real world in streams as well.

  5. research filter feeding fan shrimp OP, like bamboo shrimp and vampire shrimp, they feed differently to neo/caridina so that could shed some light on whether or not this little guy is getting the right nutrition and how to help him if he’s not 🙂

  6. Id get some hikari first bites and glasgarten shrimp fit+. Both are a powder food that will ensure he gets proper nutrition. Feed the first bites daily and the shrimp fit once a week. You’ll want to use a little scoop, put half a grain of rice of either type of food in it, then add a little water. This will help the food sink in the area of your choosing rather than all over the tank.

  7. Omg he is soooo cute

  8. You need high filter flow with a large rock or piece of wood in front and target feed. I feed hikari first bites, Bacter AE and spirulina flakes I grind into a powder and feed them all by sticking my fingers under the water in front of the filter flow.

  9. Where did you buy this guy? So cute 🥰

  10. Bamboo shrimp need very high flows and you can also syringe feed them micron powdered food.

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