I solely have purple cherry and ghost shrimp. The place did this blue man come from? Don’t thoughts the black beard algae. I’m…

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  1. My two guesses: You’re looking at a hitchhiker or one of your cherries produced this because it comes from an unstable color lineage. I would lean more towards a hitchhiker since it’s so evenly blue.

  2. All colors of neos come from selective breeding from the wild type. Sometimes, there is a genetic throw-back and you get a different color. It is more likely a hitch hiker.

  3. How long have you had the shrimp? It could be a hitchhiker like the others said. But all colors of neocaridina shrimp are technically the same species bred to display a particular color. My dream blues (same color as this!) have bred so much that now they have the occasional red cherry baby.

  4. Idrather comment on that alien on the left😯

  5. Blue can be born from two red parents.

  6. I’m fighting that algae too. Hard to get rid of.

  7. You might get a chocolate if the red and blue mate.

  8. Hehe I have the exact same kind of shrimp. Guess mine hitched in a plant or something. Still going strong 2 months later.

  9. Why would anyone mind your bba? It’s in your tank.

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