How do i maintain my water clearer? I do know its not horrible however I actually need blue shrimp they usually look nice in clear water…

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  1. I bought the same tank kit from pet smart and I scrapped the light/filter and bought a nano fluval 3.0. The light makes the tank look dirty and the filter does not even let you clean the impeller. Also the filter cartridge just makes the water dirty. I started with 10 Cherry Shrimp and have probably 100 now in that 3 gallon tank. I am moving them soon. It is a nice tank but they give you the cheapest possible light/filter included. If you want to keep the light I get it but trust me that tank would be cleaner without the filter running that is how bad the filter they give you is. The water can easily find ways around the filter cartridge and it gets dirty so fast because they expect you to buy another one in a week. Buy a nano filter with some sponge/filter floss and a light that gives you a cool not warm setting and your tank will look extremely clear. Also I really like your scape can’t go wrong with driftwood and plants.

  2. Carbon and water changes. Fine filter floss or pad.

  3. That’s a terrible substrate for plants. Look for Imagitarium at Petsmart. It’s a coarse black sand-like material. Get enough for 2.5-3 inches of depth. Dust the lower half with screened clay and potting soil, add some root tabs, then top with the plain substrate. Add CO2. If you won’t do that, go to the Walstad method of 4 hours on, 4 hours off, then 4 hours on for the lights.

  4. If there’s nothing wrong with your filter.
    It will clear up after a few weeks.

  5. It’s likely a combo of issues.
    Too much light, or too many ferts, too many water changes could be the problem. If you change 100% of the water every week since you setup the tank it probably hasn’t finished cycling and is very likely to have all sorts of problems.

    You need a test kit. And you need to check ALL of your parameters.

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